Commercial Roofing Procedures and Costs

Procedures, Materials & Costs of Commercial Roofing in Brisbane

Commercial Roofing Brisbane - Procedures and Costs

Brisbane Businesses owners can save both time and money when they are aware of the type of commercial roofing procedures necessary for their complexes, warehouses and other building works as well as the costs involved in all of these procedures. In this article, we are going to discuss the commercial roofing services offered in Australia and give you an idea on how much each would cost you.

Commercial roofing

Commercial Roof Installations

Commercial roofing is the term used when referring to roof systems for commercial and industrial building. These include warehouses, factories, retail spaces such as shops and restaurants and also government buildings and schools. Although many of these roofs are similar to residential roofing in terms of size most are considerably larger (We recently completed one that wsa well over 2000 square metres).

Commercial Re-Roofing – Procedures & Costs

Re-roofing is the application of a new roof. Roofers either tear down the old roof and install the new one or just place the new roof on top of the old roof. How this procedure will go will depend on condition of your roof. The roofing company will inspect, evaluate and present you with their re roofing plans. The best solution, in most cases, is to tear down the roof, disassemble all the parts and then replace the entire roofing system.

The labour charge for re roofing is around 150 AUD to 270 AUD per square feet. The parts and materials cost around 140 AUD to 165 AUD per 100 square feet.

Commerial Guttering – Procedures & Costs

In the guttering procedure, two services are involved:

  • Installation. Gutter installation is usually completed in just one day. The roofer will inspect your current gutter system, condition and the style of your roof and sidings. Note that there are different styles of installation and so all the options will be discussed to you after the initial consultation. Gutter installation services are either charged by metre or by the hour. One metre starts at 25 AUD. If the repairman charges by the hour, it would cost you between 60 AUD to 70 AUD.
  • Repair. Over the years, the roof will show signs of deterioration, wear and tear. It is highly recommended to seek the roofing services immediately upon seeing these damages. After evaluating the condition of your gutter, the roofer will tell you whether it’s repairable or not. Minor repairs will take only one day. The major ones take up to three days. The cost would depend on how heavy the damage is.

Commercial Metal Roofing – Procedures & Costs

Metal roofing has become popular in the recent years with the quality and efficiency it delivers. Metal roofing is commonly used on commercial structures because it is economical and also delivers great durability. Once you’ve decided to choose this roofing system, you can choose from a large variety of designs. A metal roof only requires minimal maintenance regardless of the extreme weather condition it faces. A new metal roof can last up to 70 years. However, when your establishment is around factories or near the sea, the deterioration would be much faster. Its thermal properties will keep your establishment warm during winter and cool during summer. Metal roofing is also energy efficient. Business owners can save up to 40% in yearly energy cost. It is also eco-friendly because it is made only from recycled materials. This is the roofing system to choose if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective solution.

It would cost you around 4.50 AUD for a moderate roof pitch.

Commercial Roof Repairs – Procedures & Costs

Deterioration, leaks, and damages from extreme weather conditions will wear down your roof. When any sign of wear is present, contact a roofing service to prevent further damage.

The cost of repairs ranges from 500 AUD to 3500 AUD. The charges will depend on the services you require.

Commercial Roof Insulation s – Procedures & Costs

Proper insulation provides the building with just the right amount of heat. It prevents the heat from escaping during cold months and keeps further heat out during the summer. With efficient insulation, business owners can save money on their electric bills.

Here are the two popular types of insulation:

  • Bulk insulation. This is ideal for cool areas. With this insulation, the temperature inside the establishment is regulated.
  • Reflective insulation. This is recommended for warm areas. During hot sunny days, heat is deflected by this type of insulation. This keeps your establishment cool under hot weather conditions.

The cost of insulation will depend entirely on the materials used. Consider the R value when choosing the insulation for your building. Ask your roofer about your options.

Colorbond Steel For Commercial Roofs

Colorbond steel is a popular commercial roofing choice in Australia. Most roofers include this line in their roofing products and services. It is used as commercial roofing on structures all around the country due to its durability and cost effectiveness. A special premium Colorbond range is also produced specially for commercial roofing which is tougher and more durable but also more expensive. Many factories where the roof is exposed to chemicals use the premium Colorbond roofing due to its resistance to chemical corrosion. The ZINCALUME base and oven baked paint finish makes durable and corrosion resistant. Different colour schemes are available to fit the style of your building. For a selection of colours for roofs you can visit this link:

The powder-coated Colorbond steel will cost you 21.50 AUD per square metre. If your business establishment is near the ocean, you would have to use Colorbond Ultra which costs 36.50 AUD per square metre.

Commercial Asbestos Clearance

Asbestos, which was used in many older commercial roofing projects as insulation, can still be found in older factories. They have many health risks. These are tiny particles which cannot be seen by the naked eye. These substances stay in the lungs and can possibly give you minor to chronic disorders in the future. So roofers offer their Asbestos removal services. It is important to choose only the licensed and professional asbestos removers.

Here are some of the diseases caused by asbestos exposure:

  • Lung cancer
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural disorders
  • Mesothelioma


These are the two ways to remove asbestos:

  • Wet spray method. Asbestos cannot be removed entirely with this procedure. But what it does is suppress the harmful fibres. In this procedure, a garden hose with a pistol grip connected to a low-pressure water supply is usually used.
  • Dry method. If the spray method cannot be used (e.g. areas with electrical conductors), this is the go-to of asbestos removers. This is a careful procedure that involves the enclosing an area due to the possibility of asbestos fibres getting released to into the air. Asbestos removers wear a safety gear and are enclosed in a plastic sheeting during the clearing procedure.

Asbestos removal costs 35 AUD per sheet.

The costs of the procedures we have provided are merely estimates. The charge of the project and the prices of the materials will depend on the type of building you have, the extent of the damage and the type of roofing system you want to apply.

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