6 Reasons to Choose Colorbond® Steel For Your Brisbane Re-Roofing Project

Learn The Advantages Of Using Colorbond Steel

6 Reasons to Choose Colorbond Roofing

All roofs degrade over time and will eventually have to be replaced. There are a few telltale signs to look for when replacement is unavoidable.

Old tiles will become brittle when they’ve reached the end of their useful life. Additionally, excessive pitting in tiles and substantial sand deposits in the spouting can also be signs of bad news.

Metal roofing is protected by a layer of galvanised coating that deteriorates over time and eventually the bare metal is exposed to the environment. When this occurs, the steel will begin to rust (oxidise). The oxidisation will rapidly worsen and the roofing will eventually become perforated.

When it comes to doing your re-roofing project, you should choose Colorbond steel roofing because it’s the best choice for renovation projects and it will give your home a total fresh look. It can easily transform aged brown tile roofs into brightly coloured new roofs.


What Is Colorbond Roofing

What is Colorbond Roofing

Although the phrase Colorbond is quite popular in reference which has a coated-steel roofing material, it’s in fact a company. In Australia, Colorbond is normally implemented when referring to corrugated iron, though it’s a steel roofing product, often referred to as metal roofing.

Corrugated iron was in fact a lightweight and low priced material and it was generally used during the 1850s. Nevertheless, it demanded regular repainting and maintenance and as a consequence it quickly lost its attraction to the Australian home owners.

After corrugated iron roofing arrived the Colorbond brand which has been quite popular in Australia for over 45 years now. Colorbond Roofing has acquired the good reputation as the most favored roofing material in Australia. This highly quality roofing material has gone through the special process in which paint is uniquely bonded, as a consequence put an end to the need for expensive repainting jobs. As a result, Colorbond Roofing became the best and more affordable roofing option.

Colorbond offers a range of colour choices for roofing including the contemporary range as well as their classic line. View the images below to see if there is a colour you prefer.

Colorbond Roofing Colors - Contemporary

Colorbond Roofing Colors - Classic



What Is Re-Roofing?

What is Re Roofing - Brisbane

The concept of re-roofing is fairly straightforward although often leads to confusion. Unlike the simple tasks of repairing and adding a roofing system to a newly constructed home, re-roofing involves the installation of a new roof, either on top of the old roof, or by demolishing the old roof and replacing it. It can also be referred to as “roof replacement”. You can find out more about our Brisbane re roofing services here.


6 Reasons to Choose Colorbond Steel Roofing For Your Brisbane Re-Roofing Project

  1. Ideal for every home design

Because of its lightweight and strong nature, Colorbond Steel Roofing is one of the most flexible roofing materials available. It is ideal for a wide range of home designs from traditional to contemporary, gable, curved or skillion.


  1. Colorbond has warranty

All building materials that are manufactured by Colorbond Steel are backed by warranties from Australia’s BlueScope Steel. Extensive testing and research has been carried out to make sure that its products are built for Australian conditions and built to last. Therefore, you will have peace of mind after completing your re-roofing project. You can apply for the Colorbond steel roofing warranty online.


  1. Protects from the harsh weather of Queensland

Considering the fact that Brisbane climatic conditions can be really unforgiving and severe, homes should be built with roofing materials that can resist peeling, chipping and cracking. Colorbond steel roofing is strong and durable; hence it can withstand all the punishment that Queensland’s chaotic elements can throw at it.


  1. Increased home value

Colorbond steel roofing is quickly becoming Australia’s preferred roofing material. Its clean aesthetic lines will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and as a result the value of your home will increase.

Colorbond roofing comes in a wide variety of colours, hence it gives you the opportunity to match in with your surrounding and neighborhood. Colorbond also enables you to match the different areas of your home by using the wide variety of Colorbond products that include:

  • Fencing
  • Guttering
  • Garages and Sheds


  1. Solar reflective

Colorbond steel roofing design includes a solar reflective technology that will enable you to maintain more consistent temperatures inside your home throughout the year. Colorbond steel cools down quickly when the sun sets, so less heat is radiated into your home. During winter the same roof, combined with insulation, helps to keep your home warm.


  1. Colorbond roofing is stronger than tiles

While tiled roofs are strong only in the beginning of their life, Colorbond roofs are both resilient and strong and don’t change over time. They don’t require frequent maintenance and neither do they crack under pressure like tiles do.

In the event of a hail storm, the damage to a tiled roof can be extreme since the tiles will crack and allow water into the ceiling of your home and may even damage your belongings. Colorbond roofs are stronger, and if impacted with hail storm will not tear, crack or expose your ceiling to the weather.


Colorbond steel roofing offers a lot of benefits for modern homes and buildings. If you are considering Colorbond your home visit our page here, and discover why so many Australian homes make the choice.

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